Pure Cinema Celluloid


Mr. ARTHUR LIPSETT the brilliant Canadian experimental film editor and sound collagist(National Film Board of Canada)

21-87" on the Web!

The National Film Board of Canada's website finally put it up for viewing! Here it is: 

Note: after you've viewed it and FELT it and interpreted it in your own pure and personal way, and if you're interested, read on to know how i feel about it: 
It's Pure Cinema! One of my favorite movies. George Lucas's favorite film ever (
http://wired-vig.wired.com/wired/archive/13.05/lucas.html) and a great influence on the genius sound designer/editor Walter Murch. Check out the brilliant writer Steve Silberman's writings on it:


It's such an awesome example of how to use pure montage, pure film editing and sound, to create emotions and abstract metaphors and feelings without any story or characters or acting. It's a real nonstory noncharacter visual tone poem and I love it! The sound is used so brilliantly, it's put together with the images in an abstract, emotional, and subversive way. It's such a lovely, bizarre, and haunting piece of work. A giant influence on my own film aesthetic and style.
Mr. ARTHUR LIPSETT the brilliant Canadian experimental filmmaker(National Film Board of Canada) seen here operating his Bolex 16mm movie camera