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 "Samadhi" - intense and entertaining (c) Jordan Belson
"Re-Entry" - stunning cinema (c) Jordan Belson
MR. JORDAN BELSON The Master (c) Time Magazine
His mesmerizing shimmering beautiful intense abstract 16mm films :

Allures (1961) 
Re-entry (1964) 
Phenomena (1965) 
Samadhi (1967) 
Momentum (1968) 
Cosmos (1969) 
World (1970) 
Meditation (1971) 
Chakra (1972) 
Light (1973) 
Cycles (1975) made with Stephen Beck 
Music of the Spheres (1977) 
Infinity (1980) 
Quartet (1982) 
Fountain of Dreams (1984) 
Northern Lights (1985) 
Mysterious Journey (1997) 
Bardo (2001) 
Epilogue (2005) 
5 of his masterpieces "Allures", "Samadhi", "Light", "Fountain of Dreams", and "Epilogue" are on a great-looking DVD that can be purchased at www.centerforvisualmusic.org/store

He's a genius visual magician/filmmaker/visionary. I love the hallucinatory purely visual-sound cinematic experiences that he crafted all by himself painstakingly on his workbench in his North Beach studio. All of his films from Allures to Bardo and Epilogue left me jaw-dropped and hypnotized. I've never seen anything like his work. He understands that movies can be so much more than another way to tell a story. He makes intensely personal cinematic visions that transcend narrative, story, character, and theater. 
He did some of the visual effects for The Right Stuff and has many admirers, among them George Lucas, Walter Murch, Sky-David, and Larry Cuba. He will always be a great inspiration to me. Thank you Mr. Belson!
May Mr. Jordan Belson Rest In Peace 
"Light" - amazing visual-sound experience (c) Jordan Belson
"Allures" - spectacular abstract cinema (c) Jordan Belson
One of his great abstract 16mm short films (c) Jordan Belson