Pure Cinema Celluloid

                                           PALMS My 16MM Abstract Movie

I struggled and sacrificed for 3 years to finish "PALMS" my first 16mm movie. It is a purely cinematic non-story non-character abstract film that I am very proud of and that I would like to share with anyone who loves our kind of visual non-narrative cinema.

I have a beautiful 16mm print that had its public premiere at Christopher May's TIE Exhibition in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2010. I would like to screen it for any other venue, festival, or show that might attract a sensitive and appreciative audience for avant-garde cinema.

I also made a digital transfer and have DVD copies available for free. Anyone interested in experiencing my movie should feel free to contact me at dgtolstoy@yahoo.com and I will mail them a copy ASAP. It is 8 minutes long and should be watched on a TV set at 4x3 Aspect Ratio, 480 pixel resolution and should be played loud. 

Here is a list of quotes about my movie from filmmakers and thinkers whom I admire :


"You accomplished some good things. You are a filmmaker now. Continue on."

- Bruce Baillie, Legendary Filmmaker and founder of Canyon Cinema and San Francisco Cinematheque 


"I think it's very beautiful and moving. A nice collage - great camerawork and editing and sound."

- Pip Chodorov, Filmmaker


"I really liked your film. It has so much going for it. The framing, the editing, the color, the sound. Very impressive. And the climax blew me away!"

- David E. James, Critical Film Author, Poet, USC Film professor 


"I did view your film The Palms and enjoyed it very much. It was extemely intense with a lot of tension built into the composition, editing and soundtrack. It is obvious that a lot of care was taken in the shooting, the sound and putting the piece together. Although the film was a bit on the dark side thematically, I enjoyed the feeling that it created, and the experimental techniques."

- Dominic Angerame, Filmmaker and Director of Canyon Cinema


"It was very stylish and I was impressed with the number of shots, you did a lot of good work to put this all together, congratulations."

- Mark Magidson, Producer/Editor "BARAKA", "CHRONOS", "SAMSARA"


"It links directly to Brakhage's first person subjective montage and at times has that very seductive quality of Bruce Baillie's 'Castro Street'. I liked the way your images take in the un-romantic reality of the American urban (small town) landscape and I also liked the interplay of live evocative sounds (as in Castro Street)."

- Malcolm Le Grice, Filmmaker


"I watched your piece with interest. It reads like a very condensed, almost dream-like condensation of the experience of living in (I assume to be your hood in) Palms. There is a wide range of picture/sound associations. We are meaning making beings so for me, many of the combinations work quite well. Some are confusing, which adds to the overall dream-state of the piece. I quiet enjoyed the range of photography. The dissociative aspects do a good job driving the viewer further & further away from any narrative/connective tissue."

- Alfonso Alvarez, Filmmaker


"The film does have beautiful color and image quality that celebrates celluloid very nicely.  I see it as a portrait of the neighborhood and it has very nice movement in the editing and within the shots."

 - Don Yannacito, Programmer of First Person Cinema and CU Boulder film professor


 "I enjoyed it."

- Kyle Cooper, Movie Title Designer "Arlington Road", "SEVEN", "The Orphan"


"I loved it. The festival went really well and your film was very well received and was quite profound."

- Christopher May, Filmmaker and Curator of the TIE exhibition festival


"I loved your film! It had a wonderful sense of dynamic power, like it was breathing and stretching and reaching out to me. The sound is great, too. I loved the use of vocalization without dialogue- it gave a real sense of humanity and inhabited space. You did a wonderful job, yet it left me wanting to see more from you. I do want to show your film. I think a lot of people will love it." 

- Heather Harkins, Experimental Animator 


"Really, really liked it. You have an eye, my friend. And I like your cutting rhythm."

- Brecht Andersch, Filmmaker and Founder of the Film-On-Film Foundation


"I liked it."

- Howard Guttenplan, Filmmaker and Director of Millenium Film Workshop 


"We Loved It! it looked  (and sounded), great projected on our Kodak Pageant! What started out as a doc turned into more of a poetic psycho-drama..a genre-buster! and fantastic compositions."

Craig Baldwin, Filmmaker, Curator OTHER CINEMA


I dream of showing it to my cinema heroes Dziga Vertov, Slavko Vorkapich, Will Hindle, James Whitney, Jordan Belson, Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage, Geoffrey Jones, Leni Riefenstahl, Ron Fricke, David Lynch, George Lucas, and Ed Emshwiller to see what their reactions would be. I wish it were possible!