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DZIGA VERTOV! The Genius Soviet Russian filmmaker of MAN WITH THE MOVIE CAMERA
Russian "Kino-Eye" Filmmaker Dziga Vertov was a genius visionary! 

I love "Man With The Movie Camera" and "Three Songs of Lenin". He innovatived with montage, tracking shots, and stunning visual optical effects and created a new absolute international language of cinema for world audiences. I love his poetic cinematically stylized approach to documentary filmmaking and I think he and his brother and great cameraman, Mikhail Kaufman, and his wife and brilliant editor Elizaveta Svilova, were the real precursor to cinema verite.

Mr. Vertov was even more revolutionary and avant-garde than other great Soviet montagists like Sergei Eisenstein and Vsevolod Pudovkin. He got rid of narrative and made non-story non-acted films. His films transcend storytelling and narrative in favor of pure cinema and that's why he is my favorite Soviet filmmaker.

I just got his 1931 sound film "Enthusiasm" and it has some great images in it. But I think the most striking feature is its unique use of sound. It's definitely worth a look! 

I find his work endlessly thrilling, powerful, entertaining, and inspirational! His cinematic imagination was so huge and original. He was one of the first masters of Pure Cinema and his work stands up so well for me. He was a follower of the Kuleshov montage school in Russia and created the Kinoks group of filmmakers('kino-oki', meaning cinema-eyes) and pushed the boundaries of Film Form forward for all time. 

Mr. Vertov will always be a hero to me and an influence on my film work! 
DZIGA VERTOV, his editor/wife ELIZAVETA SVILOVA, and his cameraman/brother MIKHAIL KAUFMAN
 Dziga Vertov

 VERTOV composing a spectacular motion picture image


Dziga Vertov

Vertov having fun!



VERTOV(R) with an assistant on location shooting his classic THREE SONGS OF LENIN